About Me

Growing up I’d always been partial to drawing pictures than writing essays or adding numbers. Not aware that a career could be forged out of design work (or doodling, as most people called it), I initially pursued a university track into Computer Science. I first heard of graphic design from a fellow student pursuing a similar career and realized that was a much better fit. Graphic design seemed like the place to be for those who took their “doodling” seriously. A year later I was in Kingston, enrolled in the Graphic Design Program at St. Lawrence College.

During my time there, I picked up some new tricks and dusted off the old ones. My work ranges from traditional Illustrator and Photoshop pieces to 3D design work. When not working on a project, I try to learn everything I can regarding 3D design, trying to carve out a style similar to this.

Since graduating, I’ve worked on a variety of projects ranging from simple stationery packages to creative web layouts to complete branding overhauls. Every project brought with it new opportunities to find better solutions and provide a great way to sneak in some 3D elements every now and then.

For a quick rundown of my work history, take a look at my resume.